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Short Rise Wheelchair Platform Lifts 0.5m to 1m

Short Rise Platform Lifts: 500 - 1000 mm Rise

The Step Lift 1000 provides an elegant solution for applications with a travel of up to a maximum of one metre.

The aluminium and stainless steel construction provides both strength and modern aesthetics, and is easily the most attractive on the market. The ability to tailor the lift to individual requirements and its ease of use, make the Steplift 1000 a welcome addition to your home.

Standard Features:
Suitable for internal or external use
Silent and smooth operation
Weatherproof surround
Battery operated hydraulic power with mains back-up
Curved handrails with conveniently located operating controls
Key operated call stations
Folding ramp with gentle gradient
Simple and easy 1 day installation
Low maintenance
Can be relocated
Travel up to 1 m
Carry up to 250kg
Suitable for wheelchairs
Short Rise Lifts
Safety Features:
Full platform safety edge as standard
Fully enclosed scissor system
Bellows type mechanism guard
Mechanically and electrically interlocked gates
Auto reverse safety system on ramp
Locking system to secure ramp in UP position
Slip resistant flooring
Battery power will work in the event of power failure
Designed to BS 6440 and CE approved
vertical platform lifts
Optional Features:
Variety of platform sizes: 740 x 1400 mm, 830 x 1400 mm, 1100 x 1400 mm (internal dimensions)
Different configurations: through entry, adjacent entry, pit mounted, bridging step, bespoke model
Range of gates from aluminium gate to stainless steel, glass or brass
Automatic gate opener
Platform with gate and no ramp for smaller spaces
optional RAL colours
Recessed call stations with brass or stainless steel face plates
Remote control and customized control options
On request the Steplift can be customized to suit individual needs
vertical platform lifts
Technical Features:
Upper Landing Gates:
Colour options from RAL range
Glass gates
Stainless steel gates
Powered upper landing gates
Colour options from RAL range
Glazing options
Call Station
Stainless steel or brass
Bespoke platforms
(available on request)
Safety Features
Pressure sensitive edges
Bellows type mechanism guard
Mechanically and electrically
Interlocking gates
Slip resistant flooring
Adjacent Entry Option

Overall footprint: 1050 x 1835 mm
Useable platform: 800 x 1400 mm
Individual Assessment
The lift shown in the diagram opposite, is a typical arrangement drawing only. Conformation of final dimensions and suitability of this lift will be determined by individual assessment.
vertical platform lifts
Models 740mm (stnd) 800mm 1100mm
Platform Width 975 1065 1355
Platform Length 1400 1400 1400
Length - Ramp Raised 1500 1500 1500
Length - Ramp Open 1835 1835 1835
Overall Footprint 975 x 1995 1065 x 1995 1355 x 1995
Useable Platform Area 740 x 1400 800 x 1400 1100 x 1400


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