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Through Floor Lifts

Through Floor Lifts

The Through-floor Lift is a modern and unobtrusive solution providing access over 2 floors.

Designed using state-of-the-art lift technology, the Through-floor Lift maximises the space available to you; when you are downstairs, the lift can be moved quietly and discreetly back upstairs, leaving you the full use of your living space.

Standard Features:
Smallest footprint with largest internal car size on the market
Self leveling mechanism for uneven floors
Strong lightweight aluminium frame
Modern curved panels
Hydraulic or Pollock Lifts unique Traction drive system depending on requirements
Easy access ramp for castor wheel chairs
Call stations with key controlled option
Interior light with time-out delay
Large, user-friendly controls
Easy clean floor surface
The cab features generous vision panels, interior mirror and grab handles
In-car lowering
New type trapdoor arrangement
On board diagnostic display
Remote lift monitoring system
Through Floor Lifts

A tried and tested solution with an emphasises on safety and reliability.

Safety Features:
Sensitive edges stop the lift if an obstruction is present
Emergency alarm
Fail-safe systems - including new door lock mechanism
Fire response system with optical smoke detector and automatic return
The Traction system has an automatic speed control
The Hydraulic system has elevator technology including: an anti-creep system, rupture valves, emergency lowering and a quiet oil submersed pump
BS5900 Certification and CE compliant
Through Floor Lifts

The lift has many options and can be customised to your specific needs.

Optional Features:
Choose from a range of seats including perching, sliding and tip-up
Optional colours available
Power operated door
In-car telephone connected to your telephone line
Special controls with larger buttons for the visually impaired, increased sensitivity and/or a flip up cover to protect from accidental use
Optional remote control
Customise the cab size to suit your needs
Optional colours available
In-car lowering with battery backup on the traction system
Through Floor Lifts
Technical Features:
Duel Level
Hydraulic or Traction
Maximum Travel Distance:
3.2m with hydraulic drive - 4.2 with traction drive.
0.08 m per second with hydraulic drive
0.068 m per second with traction drive
First floor ceiling height:
2250 mm minimum
Fixing Type:
Free standing aluminium rails
Through Floor Lifts
Through Floor Lifts
Through Floor Lifts


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